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Interview and Music
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Speaking of Music
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60 min
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1990-10-29 | broadcast
| 1990-09-10 | created
The simple, clear and striking music of Peter Garland is a direct extension of the 1930s’ radicalism of Henry Cowell, John Cage, and Lou Harrison. On this program, recorded before a live audience as part of the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Speaking of Music series Santa Fe resident Peter Garland discusses his (and others) piano arrangements of a Beatles songs, the misunderstood history of minimalism during the 1970s and 80s, and his work as publisher of Soundings Press books. He also plays a selection of his piano music composed over a period of fifteen years. (from KPFA Folio)
New music
Musical Selections
The Fall of Quang Tri (1972) (1:50) / Peter Garland -- Nostalgia of the Southern Cross (1976) (4:05) / Peter Garland -- Three Dawns [1st movement] (1981-82) (2:36) / Peter Garland -- Walk In Beauty: A Pine Pitch Basket (1989) (4:22) / Peter Garland -- Goddess of Liberty ‘You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away’ [after John Lennon & Paul McCartney] (1989) (3:05) / Peter Garland -- The Beatles 1962-1970 [excerpt, materials taken from the Beatles Songbook] (1990) (2:06) / John Cage -- When I’m 64 [excerpt, after John Lennon & Paul McCartney] (ca. 1990) (1:20) / Alvin Curran -- Short Fantasy on Give Peace a Chance [excerpt, after John Lennon & Paul McCartney] (ca. 1990) (0:40) / Frederic Rzewski -- The Days Run Away (1971) (15:14) / Peter Garland
Peter Garland, piano (all, except those below)
Aki Takahashi, piano (Beatles ; When ; Short)
New music
Piano music
Minimal music
Aleatory music
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