KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ World Ear Project: Series 2, July 29, 1985, 1 of 2

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World Ear Project
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126 min
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1985-07-29 | broadcast
| 1985-07-29 | created
This program is the sixth in a new series of ambient field recordings from around the world. The original World Ear Project series was broadcast on KPFA in the early 1970s, as the portable cassette recorder first made such an ambitious undertaking economically affordable. In this, the second series, the idea of collecting sounds from unique and unusual environments from all over the world remains the same, however the advances in field recording technologies, including digital recording, make for a much higher quality experience. In this program Susan Stone, Charles Amirkhanian, Richard Friedman, and Melanie Walker present tapes recorded in Philadelphia, California, Egypt, Borneo, and other locations.
Field recordings
Musical Selections
[South 12th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] -- [tour through a cave in Sequoia National Park, California] / Ty Allison -- [sunset walk through Arco Sante, Arizona] / Melanie Walker -- [traffic and blacksmith in Luxor, Egypt, Dec. 1984] / Susan Stone -- [camel in Egypt, Dec. 1984] / Susan Stone -- [boat passing in the Suez Canal] / Susan Stone -- [bathtub draining in Hamburg, Germany] / Charles Amirkhanian -- [radio station signing on, Bonn, Germany, May 21, 1985] / Charles Amirkhanian -- [walk in the woods in Mundraching, Germany with Stephan Micus, part 1] / Charles Amirkhanian
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