KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ World Ear Project: School yard, Drive, & Music Rehearsal

Analog Audio

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Other Finds
Program Series
World Ear Project
Program Length
30 mins
| broadcast
| 1971-05-18 | created
Two ambient recordings made in the first half of 1971. The first recording, made by Tom Rose on May 18, 1971, starts in a school yard in East Oakland and then continues as Rose gets into a car and drives down Highway 101 through Brisbane on his way to the top of San Bruno Mountain. The second recording captures the set-up and rehearsal of a work by John Dinwiddie on March 28, 1971. As technician can be heard adjusting the instruments and amplification and recording equipment Julian White and John Dinwiddie can be heard playing the piano.
Field recordings
Musical Selections
[school yard in East Oakland, driving through Brisbane to San Bruno Mountain, May 18, 1971] (21:01) / Tom Rose -- [set-up for and rehearsal of a work by John Dinwiddie, March 28, 1971] (811)
Julian White, piano (rehearsal)
John Dinwiddie, piano (rehearsal)
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