KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ World Ear Project: New Year’s Eve, College Ave., Berkeley. California, Jan. 1, 1985

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World Ear Project
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41 min
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| 1985-01-01 | created
How would you like to lie down in a busy street (invisibly, of course), and take it all in? That could have been this recording’s vantage point of sound. Thoughts are things at the crossroads in no man’s land. Howling engines crank the emotions. But do they fill us with fear? Serendipity is one of nature’s gifts. Even man made ones. These are the sounds I live with, I sleep by. They are the persistent aural backdrop of my home life. My one year old daughter stops to listen, to hear. It’s not always New Year’s Eve. The relentless flow of man and his creations, sounds abstracted, disembodied, become the seed, the experience. Become a unified thought field upon which we may hear our minds as they think. And when we think ourselves bored by spans of seeming inactivity on this street, let us remember the space between the breaths, and we shall acknowledge together, we stand (some of us lie) admonished for this missed opportunity. - Jack Adams
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[New Year’s Eve, College Ave., Berkeley, California] / Jack Adams
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Berkeley (Calif.) (was recorded at)
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Adams, Jack