KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ Trance and Ritual Music: by Annea Lockwood, Program 7

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Trance and Ritual Music
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20 min
1973-05-16 | broadcast
| 1969-08-14 | created
| 1970-06-11 | broadcast
“Jaw’s harps, flutes, are the universal and ancient instruments, or, no, the body is the universal instrument; our original instrument. It’s a strange experience to sit entirely still in an empty silent room. You gradually become aware that the sounds within your body are deafening, a cataract of throbbing, humming, continuous sound. The most insistent and the most protected is your heart. It begins with the heart.”
Field recordings
World music
Musical Selections
Human heart beat -- Afghan Battle rhythm on drums -- Indian tantric drum rhythm -- Indian friction drum -- French West African Chieftain’s drums -- Baluchistan dance song -- Malayan big drum and birds -- Israeli Doira drums -- Ceylonese royal court drumming -- Beating of Kertok, Malaya -- Ceylonese kandyan drumming -- Nigerian master drumming -- Nigerian Ju Ju ceremony -- Human heart beat
World music
Field recordings
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Berkeley (Calif.) (was broadcast at)
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