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Interview and Music
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Speaking of Music
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117 min
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| 1989-02-16 | created
Recorded on February 16, 1989 as part of the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Speaking of Music series, Charles Amirkhanian talks with one of America's most distinguished composers, Lou Harrison, whose use of gamelan instruments and interest in world music helped bring an appreciation of Pacific and Asian music to the United States. William Colvig collaborated with Harrison for many years, building original and gamelan-inspired instruments. The program begins with Eric Marin's film documenting Harrison & Colvig, and continues with excerpts from Harrison's “Piano Concerto” (featuring Keith Jarrett) and "Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra." The second part of the program includes a demonstration of original instruments by Harrison & Colvig.
Unconventional instruments
New music
Musical Selections
Piano Concerto [excerpt] (1985) / Lou Harrison -- Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra [first three movements] (1951) / Lou Harrison
New Japan Philharmonic (Concerto)
Naoto Otomo, conductor (Concerto)
Keith Jarrett, piano (Concerto ; Suite)
Lucy Stoltzman, violin (Suite)
Robert Hughes, conductor (Suite)
Unconventional instruments
New music
Gamelan music
Concertos (Piano)
Suites (Violin and piano with instrumental ensemble)