Latitudes 13: Samara Lubelski & Marcia Bassett, John Krausbauer & Kaori Suzuki

Event, EV.LAT.2019.08.16

The duo of Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski combine violin and e-bowed guitar in a thick tranquilizing compound. Like a viscous syrup, the slow-moving drones ooze chromatically across their instruments. John Krausbauer and Kaori Suzuki’s existential and ecstatic free drone music emanates an intense ritualistic vibe—the kind of music that would make a suitably ominous soundtrack to one of Hermann Nitsch’s notorious aktions. This event was held on August 16, 2019 at the Center for New Music in San Francisico, California.
Other Minds Special Programs Lubelski, Samara (has as performer)
Bassett, Marcia (has as performer)
Hammer, Joseph (has as performer)
Suzuki, Kaori (has as performer)
Other Minds (Organization) (has as presenter)
Center for New Music (has as presenter) Center for New Music