Other Minds Festival 19

Event, EV.OMF.2014.02.28-03.01

The 19th Other Minds Festival focused soley on composers from Northern California, nodding to the Bay Area's history of revolutionary arts and culture. Featured artists included Mark Applebaum, John Bischoff, Donald Buchla, Joseph Byrd, Charles Céleste Hutchins, Myra Melford, Roscoe Mitchell, Wendy Reid, and John Schott. 2014 was the first year the Other Minds Festival was held at the new SFJAZZ Center, from February 28-March 1st.
Other Minds Festivals Djerassi Resident Artists Program (has as presenter)
Other Minds (Organization) (has as presenter)
SFJAZZ (has as presenter)
Amirkhanian, Charles (has as artistic director)
Bischoff, John (has as performing composer)
Applebaum, Mark (has as performing composer)
Buchla, Donald (has as performing composer)
Byrd, Joseph (has as performing composer)
Reid, Wendy, 1951- (has as performing composer)
Hutchins, Charles Céleste (has as performing composer)
Melford, Myra (has as performing composer)
Mitchell, Roscoe, 1940- (has as performing composer)
Schott, John (has as performing composer)
Zimmerman, Alan, 1953- (has as performer)
Cahill, Sarah (has as performer)
Lopez, Robert (Percussionist) (has as performer)
Stenberg, Kate (Violinist) (has as performer)
Shinozaki, Rick (has as performer)
Lee, Charlton (has as performer)
Williams, Kathryn Bates (has as performer)
Buchla, Nannick (has as performer)
Matheus, Silvia (has as video engineer)
Seamans, Dan (has as performing composer)
Hanes, John (has as performer)
Reid, Lulu (African Parrot) (has as performer)
Parran, J. D. (has as performer)
Golia, Vinny (has as performer)
Robinson, Scott (Saxophonist) (has as performer)
Del Sol String Quartet (has as performing group)
The Actual Trio (has as performing group)
Fago, John (has as photographer)
Shumaker, Robert (has as recording engineer)
Melnyk, Mike (has as photographer)
Dambly, Tom (has as performer) SFJAZZ Center