Other Minds Festival 12

Event, EV.OMF.2006.12.08-12.10

In 2006, the Other Minds Festival 12 (OM 12) was held December 8th through 10th, at a new venue, the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. OM 12's featured composers included Danel David Feinsmith, Joëlle Leandre, Per Nørgård, Maja Ratkje, Peter Sculthorpe, Ronald Bruce Smith, Markus Stockhausen and Tara Bouman. A week before the concert performances, all the artists spent a short but intense period of time together in the lovely landscape of the Djerassi Resident Artists Program in Woodside.

OM 12 presented three days of concerts and panel discussions as well as a special performance by a high school ensemble during the closing night's intermission. VCS Radio Jazz (from Vacaville Christian Highschool) performed an Electrical Resonance Symphony on a Tesla coil, theremin and other instruments.
Other Minds Festivals Del Sol String Quartet (has as performing group)
POING (Musical group) (has as performing group)
VCS Radio Jazz (has as performing group)
Volti (Musical group) (has as performing group)
Joëlle Leandre Trio (has as performing group)
Moving Sounds (Musical group) (has as performing group)
Feinsmith Quartet (has as performing group)
Stenberg-Zimmermann Duo (has as performing group)
Nørgård, Per, 1932- (has as performing composer)
Sculthorpe, Peter, 1929-2014 (has as performing composer)
Feinsmith, Daniel David, 1966- (has as performing composer)
Ratkje, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup, 1973- (has as performing composer)
Leandre, Joëlle (has as performing composer)
Stockhausen, Markus (has as performing composer)
Bouman, Tara (has as performing composer)
Smith, Ronald Bruce (has as performing composer)
Stenberg, Kate (Violinist) (has as performer)
Zimmermann, Eva-Maria (Pianist) (has as performer)
Shinozaki, Rick (has as performer)
Lee, Charlton (has as performer)
Addario-Berry, Hannah (has as performer)
Haltli, Frode (has as performer)
Nystrøm, Rolf-Erik (has as performer)
Thelin, Håkon (has as performer)
Taylor, Christopher, 1970- (has as performer)
Culp, Jennifer (has as performer)
Manring, Michael (has as performer)
Riley, Gyan, 1977- (has as performer)
Geary, Robert (Conductor) (has as performer)
Gottschalk, Gunda, 1969- (has as performer)
Xu, Fengxia (has as performer)
Kent, Stephen (has as performer)
Amirkhanian, Charles (has as artistic director)
Fago, John (has as photographer)
Doff, Jonathan (has as videographer)
Kuhn, Greg (has as sound engineer)
Shumaker, Robert (has as recording engineer)
Other Minds (Organization) (has as presenter)
Djerassi Resident Artists Program (has as presenter)
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (has as presenter) Jewish Community Center of San Francisco