Composer-to-Composer Festival, 1991

Event, EV.CTC.1991.07.11-14

The fourth and final Composer-to-Composer Festival was held in the scenic mountain town of Telluride, Colorado from July 11-14, 1991.

A note from the printed program:

"When we began this event in 1988 it was with the hope that Telluride could provide a place where the major issues of our time in music could find a high ground on which to be discussed and debated. This year we look forward to a varied array of concert performances and panel discussion as well as informal meetings about town. We are pleased to have with us our most diverse array of musicians ever."

The featured composers in the final installment of this influential model of a music festival were: (Brazil) Tom Zé, (US) Fred Ho, Paul Dresher, Alan Hovhaness, Richard Povall, Janice Giteck, Pamela Z, (Netherlands) Louis Andriessen, (Great Britain, b. Jamiaca) Eleanor Alberga, (Argentina) Alicia Terzian, (India/US) Zakir Hussain, and G.S. Sachdev.
Charles Amirkhanian Collection Amirkhanian, Charles (has as director)
Lifton, John (has as director)
Povall, Richard (has as recording engineer)
Fago, John (has as photographer)
Relâche (Musical group) (has as performing group)
Alberga, Eleanor (has as performing composer)
Andriessen, Louis, 1939- (has as performing composer)
Dresher, Paul (has as performing composer)
Giteck, Janice, 1946- (has as composer)
Ho, Fred Wei-han, 1957-2014 (has as performing composer)
Hovhaness, Alan, 1911-2000 (has as composer)
Hussain, Zakir, 1951- (has as performing composer)
Sachdev, Gurubachan Singh (G.S.) (has as performing composer)
Terzian, Alicia (has as performing composer)
Z, Pamela, 1956- (has as performing composer)
Zé, Tom, 1936- (has as performing composer)
Sachs, Steven (has as performer)
Bouwhuis, Gerard (has as performer)
Zeeland, Cees van (has as performer)
Telluride Institute (has as presenter)
Wyckoff, Laurel (has as performer)
Ulansey, Kenneth (has as performer)
Shorter, Lloyd (has as performer)
Holdeman, Charles (has as performer)
Dulik, John (has as performer)
Carnevale, Helen (has as performer)
Mapp, Douglas (has as performer)
Miklaveic, Jimmy (has as performer)
Kaiser, Henry (has as composer)
Povall, Richard (has as performing composer)
Reiner, C Jason (has as composer)
Bimstein, Philip Kent (has as composer) Telluride (Colo.)