KPFA-FM Music Dept. ➔ World Ear Project: Morning Farm Feeding, Orchestral Music, & Sound Poetry

Analog Audio

Event Type
Other Finds
Program Series
World Ear Project
Program Length
33 mins
| broadcast
| 1970-08-09 | created
Ambient field recording of a morning feeding at a farm in British Columbia. Although the quality of the recording is inconsistent, and has occasional bursts of static, the sounds of a rooster crowing and horses and other animals snorting and shuffling around as they are fed is evocative of a rural farm setting. After approximately 11 minutes of this the tape then switches to what appears to be a live performance of some unidentified orchestral music followed by a segment of sound poetry or cut-up literature by Charles Amirkhanian. The later probably represents a draft version or a single track for a planned text-sound composition rather than a actual finished piece.
Field recordings
Musical Selections
[rooster crowing & horses and other farm animals eating, Bowen Island, British Columbia, morning of Aug. 9, 1970 (11:03) / Charles Amirkhanian -- [unidentified orchestral music] (12:53) -- [unidentified sound poetry] (8:48) / Charles Amirkhanian
Charles Amirkhanian, voice (sound poetry)
Field recordings
Ambient sounds
Animal sounds
Orchestral music
Sound poetry
Text-sound compositions
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Bowen Island (British Columbia, Canada) (was recorded at)
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Amirkhanian, Charles